About JM Designs

Hi there!

Jatin Mehra is an Artist, born in New Delhi, India. He discovered his passion for digital designing in 2012 and since then he has chosen his path in life as a motivated designer that wants to share his visual journey with the world, focused on all aspects of digital designing but his favorite thing is to capture that moment in time that can’t be recreated or duplicated.

Only in his twenties, he started his own business fusing his name with what he loves – creating “JM Designs”. His hunger for more has led him into multiple industries proving his versatile style, giving him the ability to be and create unique. To this current day, JMD is constantly pushing his limits in becoming the best he can be while actively pursuing new and exciting projects that challenge him.

He is inspired by the world of artists, photographers, clients and admirers worldwide.

Getting inspired from some amazing graphic designers such as: Bosslogic (Melbourne), Solid Soul (Pennsylvania), Soltography (Melbourne), Kalikwest,  to name a few.